10 Unusual Places You Won’t Believe Women Have Actually Masturbated In

Masturbation is the ultimate act of self pleasure. When you are aroused and want some action for yourself, but can’t get any, there isn’t much you can do but to masturbate. Men have been known to be more wild and more prone to masturbate in and around public places than women, but that doesn’t mean women cannot step up to the challenge.

We recently conducted a survey among our readers and asked them to tell about places where they have masturbated outside their bedrooms. We got a lot of responses and here we are sharing Ten Unusual Places You Won’t Believe Women Have Actually Masturbated In.

1. Dressing Rooms

Yes you heard it right. One of our readers confessed to us having masturbated in a dressing room while her friends were out and waiting to get in. Many often involved a partner while in a dressing room, a best friend or a play partner. The fact is, women love to get it on in dressing rooms.

2. At A Funeral

At least three readers admitted to have masturbated at a funeral. Either in the campus of the building where it was being organized or at a parked car. Now this is something which comes around in confessions of men only, but it looks like women too have picked up the baton.

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3. Changing Rooms

There is something about doing it in public that makes it more enjoyable for women. Many women confessed to have masturbated in malls, and in changing rooms while trying out new clothes. This is something men wouldn’t be able to get away with easily.

4. Showers At Gym

Looks like working out in a gym makes many women seek some other kind of workout too. Just kidding. Once women are done with the intense workout session at the gym, it turns out, they love to release some steam by getting on with themselves in the shower. Turns out those fantasies of men are true after all.
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5. At Her Desk

Now this one sets the bar up high. Many women confessed at having masturbated at their desk. For some it was a closed cabin, for others it was an open office space. Are you listening men? You have got some quality competition out here.

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6. In The Car Driving

This also turned out to be a common habit amongst our women readers. Many readers admitted to touching themselves while they were driving on lonely roads or even returning home from work. One user admitted to having a burn mark on her hand from the string of her panties!

Source: Flickr/Kalvin Chan
Source: Flickr/Kalvin Chan

7. Up A Tree

Now this is what you can call a bit unusual. Where can you have access to a tree you can climb and sit on top. But if you do, make sure you masturbate and get into the hall of fame.


8. In A Forest

Another favorite for women. Many women admitted to getting it on with in a forest while camping or when they were just taking a walk, and decided to take a detour and have some fun.


9. Public Pool

Public pools are also one of the favorite spots among our readers. One reader who works as an escort confessed to doing it multiple times in many high class hotels.


10. Restaurant

This can be a shocker for many. But one reader admitted to have masturbated in a restaurant wearing her vibrating panties and having her dinner in a restaurant.

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We hope our readers have enjoyed reading the adventures of our female readers. If you want to share anything. You are welcome to share it too.

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